About Us

Frontier Fluidics is a microfluidic chip design and manufacturing company that aims at providing custom design chips tailored to individual clients to meet their experimental needs.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide innovative solutions for research and commercial purposes using state of the art technology to become tomorrow’s leader in microfluidics chip design and manufacturing.

Our Service

  • Frontier Fluidics provides professional science and microfluidics consulting to corporate, government and academic clients for a variety of business, research and investment needs.
  • At Frontier Fluidics we use state of the art manufacturing processes and advanced multi-physics simulation tools to provide innovative yet simple solutions to microfluidic research facilities around the world.
  • Using advanced manufacturing techniques and simulation tools, Frontier Fluidics designs microfluidic chips that mimic real worlds in small scale to allow to faster and more accurate experimentation

Technical Capabilities

  • Material : PDMS, PMMA, glass
  • Coating : electrodes, surface chemistry
  • 3D microfluidics : multi-layer, multi-layer SU8
  • Advanced analysis : thermal, mixing, rheology, solid flow interaction
  • Lab/organ on a chip : system integration
  • Minimum feature size : 1um


Micromixer for Organ-on-chip
Microfluidic platforms for vascular tissue engineering
Micro/nano filter for CTC isolation
Neuron stimulation microfluidics
Vasculature-On-a-Chip for endothelial cell behavior
Nanoparticle-integrated microfluidic
Gradient-on-chip microfluidic
Nano composite for Biosensing
Visualization of microfluidic flows
Cell separation microfluidics
Stem cell 3D cell culture gradient-on-chip

Our Team

Neil Roy Choudhury
Neil serves as the CEO of Frontier Fluidics. He brings over 4 years of engineering experience from different industries to Frontier Fluidics and aims to make Frontier Fluidics the premier microfluidic chip manufacturer in Canada. Prior to starting Frontier Fluidics, Neil worked as a Research and Development Engineer for Halliburton. He has two years of research experience in droplet dynamics for aerospace applications along with completing an internship at Rolls Royce Canada. Neil holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and is currently pursuing his Masters in Business Administration at the University of Alberta.

Email : neil@frontierfluidics.com
Hamid SadAbadi
Hamid is CTO of Frontier Fluidics with more than a decade of experience in advance technology development. Hamid received his PhD degrees from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Concordia University in 2013 in microfluidics and LOC. He has extensive experience in the design of microfluidic system with applications in both the life science (bio-sensing application) and energy sector. He is the recipient of more than 10 prestigious awards and scholarships most notably the Alberta Innovates Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellowship, Halliburton Patent Award and FQRNT Quebec Merit Scholarship. He has published one book chapter, filed 10 US Patents and published/presented more than 40 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences

Contact Us

2500 University Dr. N.W., EEEL 455B Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 Canada
Phone: 1-780-716-6461
Email: info@frontierfluidics.com